God isn't Boring

I grew up church all my life, but didn’t become a follower of Christ until the summer after my freshman year of high school. The church seemed irrelevant, a big bore - say one thing but do another, talk about this guy named Jesus but live like he doesn’t exist. Then one night in the fall of 1987, at the age of 14, I was invited to a youth group bonfire at a friend’s house, and in the clear autumn night I looked into the heavens, saw a billion twinkling stars in the sky, and wondered maybe, just maybe could God be real? Was there actually something to all this?

Randy Alcorn had a similar experience as a young man, one he talks about his his blog entry titled “Jesus Changes Everything.” Jesus changed everything in Randy Alcorn’s life; I love the title of this blog because, well, he changed everything in my life as well! I loved this phrase: For me, Jesus didn’t just change everything back then. He still changes everything today.

Later he talks about the fact that Christianity isn’t fundamentally a religion about Christ, but rather a relationship with Christ. We are invited not to simply believe is Jesus, but to actively follow and intimately know our Savior, a journey Steven Curtis Chapman wrote about so well in his song “The Great Adventure.” Alcorn says, “Jesus, who spun the galaxies into being, paints the sunsets, and taught the humpback whales to migrate, can be comforting and restgiving, but He is never boring!

Life following Jesus may not be easy - in fact at times in may involve incredible hardship and suffering. But Jesus himself? One look at our Saviour and we know - he’s never boring!