When in Pain

If you’ve heard me over the past three and a half years you’ve probably heard me talk about chronic pain. My journey down this difficult road started back in 2009 and really took over my life in 2011. I wrestled with God in ways I didn’t know were possible, struggled with doubts and fears I thought only other people had, and on many occasions believed I’d been abandoned by God, cursed and left to rot in my suffering.

“Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.”
— Ps 119:49-50

Things are a lot different today, even though the basic struggle is still there - chronic pain still nips at my heels every waking moment of every day. There are times when it feels overwhelming, and there are moments when the thought of living the rest of my life like this invites the dark clouds of depression and there are still those times when I want everything to be about me, ME, ME!

Still - I can see the evidences of God working in my life; so slowly at times that I think nothing is really happening. Then years later I look back and gasp at how far he’s taken me; it gives me hope when I look in the mirror and realize I still have so very far to go.

Joni Eareckson Tada is one of my heroes of the faith, in part because she too lives with debilitating chronic pain, and has wrestled with many of the same issues I’ve faced. God has given her tremendous wisdom through the journey and an incredible platform through which to share those hard-earned by priceless treasures with all of us. The devotional I chose today from Joni is called “When in Pain;” based on Psalm 119:49-50, Joni shares “My comfort in my suffering is this: the promise of God's presence preserves my life. Just knowing He's "with me," gives me peace, hope, and comfort. It sees me through.”

Maybe your struggle isn’t chronic pain; maybe it’s a difficult marriage that never seems to change, maybe it’s a wayward child who is making poor decisions again and again, maybe it’s a bank account that never has enough and a job that never seems to pay the bills, maybe it’s a deep hurt suffered in the past that seems to have no resolution - whatever it is, remember - God is with you!