Lord of the Moment

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

I like to think of myself as a pretty calm person - until something doesn’t go my way. Then I often lose it, like last night when a hard-drive swap project on my new laptop went sideways and I lashed out at my daughter in frustration and muttered obscenities under my breath. Not a great example of a Ryan who trusts God in any and all circumstances… (Thankfully God is still in control, even when I’m acting more like a child than my kids! When I calmed down I finally finished the project at midnight - whew!)

Life often doesn’t go the way we planned; the Bible reminds us of this. The Word also reminds us that God often uses these unplanned circumstances to bring about the unexpected. The amazing. The “Wow - only God could do that!” kind of moments.

Today’s devotion comes from Our Daily Bread, and is titled “Lord of the Moment.” The author shares a story of an annoying delay that God used so he could be at his daughter’s bedside in the hospital when she had an accident. Without the delay, he humbly realized he would never have been there. In my own life, I look back on the summer of 2016, when an unexpected MRSA infection sent me to the hospital twice and took a month of IV antibiotics to cure. Infection became addiction when my pain medicine took over my life, and everything seemed to spin out of control. What I couldn’t see then was God’s hand on the spinning, sending me to an individual who knew exactly how to help me, and from that my life - and entire heart attitude - doing a complete 180 degree turn.

Our lives are better off in God’s hands than in our own. THAT is a reason for hope!