Overcoming Temptation by Looking Past It—and Looking Up

I can’t say temptation is a topic I think or talk about a lot, but as a Christian I know it’s something I deal with every single day. In fact, there are several specific areas of my life where I know each and every day requires deliberate choices to follow the path of obedience instead of my carnal desires. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to look back - especially at my teenage and college years - and see how what felt so impossible back then is now possible through the power and presence of Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.

I stumbled across an older blog entry from Randy Alcorn about the subject of temptation. Titled “Overcoming Temptation by Looking Past It—and Looking Up,” Randy talks about the attractiveness of temptation (we wouldn’t be tempted if the thing we wanted didn’t seem appealing!), and the powerful truth that when we are satisfied by Christ, sin becomes unattractive. In his summary he says, “I can either have my thirst quenched in Jesus, or I can plunge deeper into sin in search of what’s not to be found there.”

Let’s encourage each other to seek after Christ and have our desires satisfied in him!

Ryan ZondervanComment