A Powerful Testimony

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I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

A testimony is declaring from our mouth what God has done in our life. When we hear testimonies, it encourages others, gives hope to others and it allows us all to see God better. Speaking from our personal experiences gives others God sightings.

David was sharing His personal testimony in the verse as he went to the Lord and sought after Him. It was God who answered David with the request He had presented to the throne. It was David’s fears which he brought to God but after David’s encounter with God, He no longer had fear. It was God who took them away, who heard his request and who answered him. It was David who sought God for help.

What a simple process for all of us to learn and grow in our experience of God. The first step is simple. We go to God as we seek Him with all our heart. We tell God what we are struggling with, for David it was fear. The second step is God listens to our request, He pays attention to what we are saying as He hears from heaven. God bends His ear towards us with affection for us. Then the next step is God’s as well. For David it was deliverance. God reminded Him that Greater is He that Lives in David than He who lives in the world. David will say later that he is more than a conqueror through God. Whatever the exchange was, David’s next step was courage.

Today in the Workplace

What do you need God to do?