Removing Doubt

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Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3

There is nothing we can do to increase the glory of God for God’s glory is infinite. Our actions can glorify God and we can allow ourselves to be a vessel for His glory to shine through. Our actions can help others see the glory of God and doubt will diminish in His presence.

When we trust God others can see the object of our affection more clearly. People can identity with God by the way we live and they know whom we are trusting. When we trust God more and more on a daily level, we help others see Him more clearly. Trust opens the door for others to get a greater view of who God is.

When we as a community of believers trust together, doubt is diminished. It is amazing when one stands and shares a testimony but when many stand, faith increases. We get greater pictures of who God is when others take a stand of faith in their daily living. We no longer are called to sit in our faith but rather we stand and glorify His name as we lift it so high so that others can see.

Today in the Workplace

How can you reveal you are trusting in God today?