The Blessing of this Moment

The Blessing of This Moment

I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. Psalm 34:1

At all times we will praise the Lord even in the good and bad we will continue to extol the Lord. In the tough times when resources are insufficient, we will praise Him from our lips. This verse requires us to look at what we have been given instead of what we are lacking.

When we see what we have been given, it reveals to us how blessed we are. But when we are grumbling and complaining it blinds us to what we have been given. This verse may not have been so difficult if the phrase, “all the time” would have been left out. It becomes easy to be thankful and to praise God in the times of abundance but maybe we could redefine what is truly worthy of thankfulness.

Could it be we are focusing on the wrong things to be extolling the Lord? We often think of the material possessions we are gaining but what about the inward work of the difficulties of life. What we could gain if we payed attention to how God has blessed us with so much, but we need to have contentment and joy. What if our eyes became opened to the moments God has given us to be thankful so that all we can do is continue to remember the blessings of His presence in the moment. Maybe we are looking toward the next moment instead of living in the blessing of this second. The blessing we are looking for is in this moment so stop just for a moment and center ourselves back to the place where we know God is. This is the place where thankfulness and praise arise.

Today in the Workplace

What is the blessing of this moment?

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