Dangerous Distractions

In April of 2009 I was living in Seattle, working for an investment management firm that ran several mutual funds and retirement accounts for large companies and organizations. I’d just been promoted to a new position - Portfolio Implementation Administrator. My job was to work as a mini-project manager, handling all of the many moving pieces between the client and our firm’s legal and portfolio management departments. One of the requirements was that I carry a Blackberry device at all times; since we had clients in the United States, Asia, and Europe, I might be called upon to answer urgent requests at just about any location (including on one occasion while I was on vacation in Australia!) or time of day.

At first I was fascinated by my new gadget - but it didn’t take long before I couldn’t get away from the thing. My eyes were glued to the device, looking for a new e-mail, reading the latest news, sometimes not doing much of anything at all!

Is it a coincidence looking back that at about this same time I saw my walk with Jesus growing stagnant? As my struggles with chronic pain began to grow it became easier and easier to latch on to just about anything providing a distraction - anything but the one thing that could really provide peace and comfort in the midst of my suffering - Jesus.

We are surrounded by a tsunami of distractions - smart phones, social media, Netflix, Amazon Prime, on-demand everything. Now these things can be used to draw us closer to Christ and to others, but we also recognize the opposite often can - and does - happen.

Today’s devotion comes from Our Daily Bread; titled “Dangerous Distractions",” it reminds us of this important truth:

To a world living in the fog of distraction, we bring the light of the good news of Jesus.

Brothers and sisters in Christ - let’s be a bright light in a world filled with deadly distraction!

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.
— John 13:35 NLT