This past Saturday night might have been regarded as a huge disappointment. My football team lost a state semi final. My grandsons’ b ball team lost all 3 games in a tournament. My oldest grandson’s girlfriend tried out for the tulip court and lost. Some might say it was a disappointing, defeated, discouraging day.
But i guess it depends on how you look at it.
Our football team made it to the state semi finals again this year, after making it that far last year for the first time in the program history. Quite a feat. Last year, we had a star quarterback and receiver, and went into the semifinals undefeated for the season. Not so this year, we fought to get there. My grandson was a sophomore on the team, which means lots of hard work and not much playing time. But he learned a lot. We had fun supporting the team. I had a great chat with my daughter in law on the way to the game and totally enjoyed seeing our fans out to support the Eagles. I saw sportsmanship and maturity on the field that i know will be remembered long after a win/loss record for the year is forgotten..so we lost the game..but not the lessons of a well done season.
My grandson Tysen is used to being on a winning team. He always plays 110% and gets used to winning. Saturday was not just one loss out of 3 but 3 for 3. He’s reminded that you don’t always get the prize even when you work the hardest. Life isn’t always fair. But we don’t’ give up..and we find ways to enjoy the experience. So he lost a tournament, but he didn’t lose the desire to keep working hard.
Colby’s girlfriend Taryn made it into the top 12 candidates for tulip queen. The announcement party as Saturday night, so we headed to our third event for the day, full of excitement and anticipation. Colby was so nervous for her..which was interesting from a boy who wasn’t nervous at all to perform the lead role in the school musical just two weeks ago! it was obvious that choosing a queen and court would be hard, all the girls did a great job. But as the names were read, Colby’s eyes teared up as he realized Taryn had not been chosen. He felt so bad for her..so while she didn’t win, she had such a great experience learning a presentation and speaking in front of a large audience under pressure. And my dear grandson Colby learned what it feels like to hurt for somebody when you want something for them. it’s a good lesson, so while we lost the tulip court, we didn’t lose our ability to feel and care fo each other..and to be happy for those who win what we don’t.
The Bible tells us to work hard for the Lord, not for man. To keep striving for the prize, to rejoice with those that rejoice and to weep with those that weep. In the upside down world of the gospels, we are told that in order to win in life we need to lose our own. I guess I’d have to say that our disappointing, discouraging defeated Saturday was just another wonderful lesson in life, where indeed, we did not lose.