Finding Happiness

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he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do. Psalm 33:15

God is the One who formed the heart of all which is the place in us where we determine why we do what we do. He formed this place to honor and glorify Him but all too often we find ourselves sitting in the way.

The heart can be a desperately wicked place because it can be so self-centered it is difficult to see outside of ourselves. God created the heart as a place to glorify Him but sadly enough, we have settled for something much less. We often think the more we feed the heart what it longs for, the more satisfied it will be. But if the heart doesn’t first seek God it will only be living a second-rate life.

When the heart tastes the pleasures God offers, it knows nothing can ever compare. When the motive of all we do finds its pleasures in pleasing God, we are happy people. I am talking about the kind of happiness which isn’t dependent upon circumstances or flesh fulfillment but finding substance in God’s pleasure. Finding happiness may be easier than what we imagined if our heart is set on seeking the designer. God knows how the heart was created to find happiness and He longs for our hearts to be fulfilled.

Today in the Workplace

Where does your heart run for happiness?