Compassion Fatigue

Have you ever felt guilty because another story in the media of disaster and devastation did little to stir your emotions? It’s called “compassion fatigue,” and it’s easy to experience when the news and social media overflow with stories of one tragedy after another. I know when I spent six months living in Cambodia back in 2006 and 2007 the level of suffering I witnessed on a daily basis felt overwhelming; my response at times was to just shut down emotionally and withdraw.

So how do we avoid compassion fatigue? How do we keep on caring when the things we should care about feel like a tidal wave of suffering that threatens to drown our hearts?

Our Daily Bread addresses this topic today in a devotional called “Compassion Fatigue.” It may seem trite, but the simple answer is Jesus. More and more of Jesus; his Spirit, his compassion, his love, his mercy.

As the Philips, Craig and Dean song goes, “More and more and more of you God.”