Every day Hope

It started on Facebook, I noticed a friend struggling when her car decided to need a major repair at a very inconvenient time.  Friends commented on other every day life situations that left them feeling drained and wondering WHY?  It can be as simple as that unexpected car repair or as hard as a medical diagnosis followed by bills that are impossible to pay.  At our house, it all came tumbling down around a spelling list.  Yep, Hope was lost on the spelling list.

When one of us digs in our heels, we all do, and that was the situation around the Monday night review of this weeks 4th grade spelling list.  Georgia said she did not need to study them, though a look through her planner and a peek at the pre test would indicate that it couldn’t’ hurt to review them again.  But she refused.  And then we, the parental figures in the room, decided she was going to do it, and we all had a nice long wait at the table, around 30 minutes if you're watching the clock, to determine if she would or would not say them.

She eventually did.  And that’s when I found myself wondering where people find the HOPE to get through stuff like this.  Our mission at KCWN is to Share Hope, and I’ve always said my show will always point to the Hope that we have in Jesus Christ which makes it possible for us to get through the daily stuff.  Last night, I wondered if I had been doing that at all, since a spelling test left us all feeling hopeless.

So today on Facebook, I asked you to tell me, where do your find hope for the everyday?  Here’s just a sample of what you said.

Laura: “ Thankful that HE never rusts, breaks down, falls apart, or leaves.  That’s my hope today, He never lets go, always shows up, and always knows what I need.”

Becky:  “Sometimes we forget that the little things matter to God!  Bring Him ALL your frustrations, He meets us where we are!”

Lois:  “I see hope in the people God puts in my life.  The friends who help fix the broken motor, the family member who checks in to see how you’re doing, the FB friends who offer encouragement, the pastors who lead the church during difficult times.  It continues to remind me that His grace is sufficient.”

Alice:  “need to remember that many times our plan B is God’s plan A. Glad that He is in control.”

Denise: “It helps me to know that nothing can happen to me that HE doesn’t’ already know about and has already made provision for that circumstance.”

Evie: “The Word of God gives me hope. I’ve been struggling with a devasting medical diagnosis, surgery, extremely high medical bills and a job loss all since July.  I have been seriously depressed.  I couldn’t’ even read my Bible or pray.  Finally, I got my eyes off of myself and turned back to the one who gives me Hope. Jesus Christ. He is the Word and without Him, I'm already dead. But with Him (the Word) anything is possible and I now have hope again. Because I'm reading the Bible again:)”

Tena: “For today, the fact that there’s nothing on my calendar while the kids are in school and I am going to nap all day!”

So to sum it up, the Hope we have to get through it all, the big stuff, the medial stuff, and even the spelling list stuff if this: He never changes, He always cares, He invites us to rest in Him.  That my friends is the Hope I want to share everyday.