A Story of Hope from Sandi Patty

My weekly e-mail from Biblegateway.com included a guest submission from Sandi Patty titled “When Truth Invades Your Brokenness.” My mom listened to a lot of Sandi Patti when we were kids; I can still hear her going up, up, UP as she belted out “Great are you Lord, Great are you Lord, GREAT ARE YOU…. LORD!” Little did I know that behind that shiny, happy surface was a woman dealing with lots and lots of brokenness. Here is Pella we like to call it “Dutch Fronts” - for Sandi it was a secret struggle with food, her weight, and a voice that whispered “You’re not good enough.”

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight - or just believing that God may love you but he can’t possibly like you - I think you’ll find it easy to relate to Sandi Patty’s story.