A Weaned Child

I have 2 kids - a six and a half year old girl, and a three and a half year old boy. Both kids love their mommy and daddy’s affection, but my son is probably the textbook definition of a cuddle-bug. He loves to snuggle up against you, loves to put both hands on your cheeks and gently pull you close for a kiss, and (for better or worse) loves to crawl into bed in the middle of the night and lay right next to (or sometimes on top of!) you.

Our heavenly Father loves it when we draw close to him as well; unfortunately for many of us (myself included) we lose that child-like affection as life happens. Maybe it feels safer to hold God at a comfortable distance, or maybe we try to relate to God in ways that rationally make sense to us in an effort to maintain a sense of control. I know my son draws near to me because he is 100% certain his daddy loves him; it makes me wonder why I have anything less than 100% assurance that my heavenly Father loves me. I know when chronic pain entered my life 8 years ago and the many prayers for physical healing from both myself and many others caused many doubts and fears to enter my heart about his love for me. Maybe similar fears have entered your heart for some reason - Joni Eareckson Tada has a great devotional this morning called “A Weaned Child” based on Psalm 131:1-3 that does a great job of reminding us why we can drawn near to God just like a weaned child. Let’s be reminded this Friday morning that we can drawn near to our Abba daddy and know that he loves us!