God Gets You

I think it is easy to try to hold God at a distance, especially for those of us who have experienced deep pain and hurt at the hands of someone in whom we have placed our trust. I guess it feels safer - but just like it does on this side of heaven, isolating ourselves from others - and God - does nothing to heal the pain and just leaves us isolated and alone with our festering soul.

Can God be trusted? Does he really understand us? Hebrews 4:15 says, “Our High Priest is able to understand our weaknesses.” Why? Because he too was once weak; when Jesus walked this earth he too felt the sting of disappointment, betrayal, and failure from those he loved and cared for. He gets us because he was us; hopefully this truth will help us both drawn near to him and offer grace to those who have hurt us and let us down.

Max Lucado has a great devotional this morning called “God Gets You” - he does!