Bev and Steve Friday

It’s our every other week..which means Pastor Steve will be in this Friday from 7:30 to 9.  We’d love to take your questions for our show..just email or text to 641 629 1050 or comment on facebook.  You can always call direct to 641 628 9999 or stop by the studio at 304 Oskaloosa Street.  We are very accessible, despite our popularity. (this is typical Bev and Steve sarcasm.)  We’re considering the cup in the picture for our show..we just can’t agree which one of us should have it!

And while we love to laugh at ourselves and a few of the situations life puts us in, we’ll always bring it back to what’s really important every day..and that’s not football (though as you know, we are both big fans of the game)  We love Jesus and think your life would be better if you did too.  How can we be disciples of Christ?