Fall Share

Another Fall Share is in the books, another goal met. We started on Wednesday with Pastor Steve and realized quickly that we had a little ‘chicken on the bone’ yet at the end of our morning show. Ryan kept the need before you during the mid day, and Linda Sue joined me on the air Wednesday afternoon. By 6 on Wednesday night, we had $15,550 in pledges. Thursday, Lisa joined me for the morning show, with prayers for God to move on hearts, with this verse before us Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Ryan and his good friend Denny Brand pointed out the Hope we have in Jesus Christ in times of trouble. Lisa and I took the mics again in the afternoon while our faithful fun volunteers manned the phones, and by Thursday evening we had a total of $59,190.00

As you can see, that left a lot of work to be done on Friday morning! Call by call, the gifts kept coming. We stayed on air until 9:30 when the goal was met, exceeded, with a total of listener support of $97647.00

As we said from the start, Praise and Glory to God for the things He has done! I hope you can see in the way our needs are met at KCWN, that indeed, our God is a provider! What He has done for this station for 23 years, I know He will do for you. You may not see His provision in the same dramatic fashion as we do, raising close to $100,000 in less than 3 days, but you will have your needs met. Trust Him.

I can’t say enough about my staff, board and volunteers. I have felt loved and covered these past 3 days. I hope and pray that’s the feeling you get whenever you listen to KCWN, knowing that you are loved by your Father, covered in His Love, and cared for by all of us here. This is what the family of God looks like.

If this was a radio break, we should have cut to a song long ago, and if this was written by someone who had not used all her words up by now, it would have been shorter and to the point. I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow to hear how Hope Shines on 99.9