Climbing that mountain together... Fall Share Day 1 Reflections

Day 1 of Fall Share is in the books, and with it brings a whole bunch of thoughts and feelings swirling through my head. Ten years ago my life was all about adventure - my home was Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, and the world was my playground, filled with soaring vistas and countless breathtaking adventures. Looking back now it's easy to just remember the best parts - sitting at the top of the peak or the end of a trail, munching on a Cliff bar, drinking some water and soaking in the grandeur while I maybe caught my breath and snapped a few photos. What I don't as quickly recall is just how challenging the journey could be, especially at the beginning when the spectacular views were often obscured by thick trees or towering bluffs. It took commitment, one step at a time. It kind of reminds me of Fall Share. We're on this journey together, one step at a time, with our Heavenly Father leading the way; we know where we want to go but it isn't always clear how we'll get there. Ten years ago I had maps, sign posts and trail markers to lead the way - today I - and we - have faith to guide us. Thanks for being part of this exciting journey for the past 23 years (well for me the past three and a half)!