You Are My Hiding Place

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.
— Ps . 32:7

David may have found the physical comfort of hiding in a cave but really, he was hiding contently with God. He knew the anguish of sin and the pain of its destruction in his heart and he knew running from it would only bring more storms into his life. He experienced the pain of running to the refuge of silence with his sin, only to find the constant torment.


When God becomes the place we run to with our sin, we find deliverance. There are many ways we can try to find rescue like programs and counseling which omit God, only to discover later the reoccurrence of the same actions. When our mind is the only source left to training ourselves, or we believe we can do this apart from God by leaning on another source, we soon find it’s not sturdy enough to carry us. We soon discover the foundation we thought was the answer… crumbling and leaving us sinking.

God is the real source of refuge for all of our pain and sin. He is the only constant and power which has the authority to deliver and forgive our sin. He is our refuge and our safe place in times of trouble. God can give us what the world tries to replicate, but the world omits the real source of strength and power. He is the source of forgiveness and deliverance, and anything other is a temporary finding. When the only place we hide is in the Lord, we find rescue.

Do you trust in a temporary hiding place?